Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wishlist and survey for Tapestry 5 components

I was wondering what components people are looking for when developing with Tapestry 5. There are 50+ components baked in the framework's core and there are 39 at the 9 more at and 1 at

Are there any other libraries out there?

Update on february 11th:
I left out with 9 more components.

I made a list of 36 additional UI components in the form of a survey. Please take this survey, maybe some of the components will be part of some library because of it. Maybe some of them will evolve and maybe some of them will be unique to any web framework out there.

You can follow the results by visiting Real-time Summary Report and comments.

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for great blog..
    Keep up with great work..


  2. There are many components in There are also some in the Ars Machina's Brasil project, but this one wasn't released yet nor has documentation.

  3. For surveys I prefer Survey Prof. It's free, and it's meant for students.