Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tapestry 5 Caffe

Have an idea? Write it down.

Have a Tapestry 5 related idea. Visit Tapestry 5 Caffe!

This site is purely a brainstorming place where you can post your ideas or comment and vote on other's. I feel it offers more structure than mailing list where ideas can easily get lost and is lighter and friendlier than JIRA, but by no means a replacement. It is a place where ideas can be shared and see the popularity for each suggestion anyone can contribute. It can be viewed as vox populi, so the creators and people more involved in Tapestry 5 development can adjust their bearings if needed.

Maybe your idea will be picked up by Howard and others - a fresh perspective is allways welcome.

The site has several categories:

  • Website/Documentation (suggestions to improve the documentation and web site in general)
  • Components (new components ideas, improvements on existing ones)
  • ArsMachina
  • JumpStart
  • ChenilleKit
  • Equanda
Go drink a cup of coffee.
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